Foreman Capital

Foreman Capital
Foreman Capital is an independent investment company based in Amsterdam. Foreman was founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurs/investors and as of today the team consists of 8 professionals with various backgrounds. 

Foreman invests primarily with its own capital from the team, which has the following advantages over “traditional” PE where funds are raised with money from external investors:

  • Investing own money aligns fully with the interests of entrepreneurs 
  • Flexible and independent regarding the investment horizon and structure
  • Fast and effective decision-making without bureaucracy

We invest in growing and profitable companies of various sizes (30-300 employees). In recent years we have built a diverse portfolio with 10 companies in the Netherlands and Denmark (e.g. e-commerce, irrigation systems, asphalt maintenance). The common denominator in our portfolio is that the companies we invest in are ‘founder-led’, looking for a partner to support with e.g. succession, international expansion or scaling the organization.

We have 2 interns working with us on an ongoing basis (3-4 months), current possible start dates being Nov/Dec/Jan 2024. As intern at Foreman you will be fully involved in all daily activities. You are treated as a member of the team and will participate in all aspects of the investment cycle, both during transactions (buying or selling companies) and during the holding period (various projects to improve the portfolio companies). In addition, an intern can participate in a.o. meetings with financial advisors, management of new propositions or other external parties.

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