Who we are:

We are a disciplined and discrete long-term oriented value investor driven by family values and culture. 30+ year track record in public and private equity markets, aimed at generating above-average returns across the capital structure in listed European and American companies.

We prefer to own (pieces of) businesses producing (steadily growing) cash flows, good Return on Invested Capital at underappreciated valuations. In finding them, we adhere to having a strong culture of idea meritocracy supported by a team of creative, ambitious, intellectually driven finance professionals.

We are pro-actively engaging with the Executive/Non-Executive Boards via Analyst meetings, AGM/EGMs, and private meetings with the objective of improving business fundamentals, corporate governance and capital allocation to drive shareholder returns.

Our organizational structure (family office) with offices in Luxembourg and Rotterdam allows us to be very disciplined. Yet, we have the capacity and entrepreneurial mindset to be opportunistic and ability to make quick decisions in Special Situations vs. long-term investing.

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