Grant Thornton

Work in a team where your talent matters

Together with over 700 colleagues full of ambition, spread across our 8 offices in The Netherlands, we are part of a large international network of 135 countries. Together we look for challenges and solutions in order to discover new possibilities. We bring world-class knowledge close to home. By putting your personal interests and talents into the profession, you improve yourself and our services.

Grant Thornton & You

Within Grant Thornton you are given the opportunity to shape your (graduation) internship, part-time job or starter position within accountancy, tax or consultancy. Are you starting a part-time job (third-year bachelor's or master's student) at Grant Thornton and do you want to work with us two to four days a week? We have the opportunities! Good guidance is central. But we also expect you to take the initiative yourself to make this a successful period. We have set up a special program for starters: the Traineegame! We organize a traineegame every year for young starters where participants will get to know Grant Thornton better. What other services do we offer our customers, which colleagues work for them and who started in our organization at the same time as you? We conclude the Traineegame in London where we become acquainted with our international network. You will have all the world knowledge!

Start your career with impact.

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