Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is more than just an accountancy and advisory firm, we provide relevant answers to questions that concern our clients. From inquiries about valuation to taxation, from audits to business succession and acquisition, and from reorganization to data analysis. We focus on SME (family) businesses and the public sector.

Like our clients, we are true entrepreneurs—decisive, optimistic, and pragmatic in our thinking and actions. We operate as an international network, as a local organization, and as professionals, driven to continuously develop our talents and skills. We are committed to learning and innovating, approaching our work with passion and pleasure to bring out the best in ourselves, each other, and our clients. This belief in positive growth stems from our strong regional market position.

In addition, we always approach our work with a focus on results. We set clear goals, strive for progress in everything we do, quickly get to the heart of every question, and guide our clients toward the most effective and sustainable solutions tailored for today and tomorrow. With our multidisciplinary expertise, profound understanding of our clients, and comprehensive service offerings, we can always provide accurate and high-quality advice that truly makes an impact.

Working at Baker Tilly means being in an environment where you feel at home. We have deliberately chosen regional offices that foster personal connections among colleagues. You collaborate in clear, multidisciplinary teams, allowing for swift communication and collaboration when needed. Beyond working hours, there are various activities to engage in together, such as an annual staff party, enjoyable sports tournaments, and weekly Thursday or Friday afternoon gatherings.

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