The best of both worlds at BDO
BDO is an international, multidisciplinary organization with a strong regional involvement. We offer exposure to a variety of clients, including large corporates, whilst maintaining a personal connection with our employees. This combination is what makes us unique. If you start your career at BDO, you will be part of an open, social and professional working environment will allow you to develop and create your
own opportunities. We are committed to the sustainable development of our employees’ professional life. We pride ourselves in presenting our employees with opportunities in which they can apply their own
unique talents, whilst nurturing and helping them achieve their goals. Accountability and personal responsibility is encouraged at all levels and structured career planning and training gives our people more
client experience and more partner time.

With over 1,650 offices and 91,000 professionals in 167 countries, we offer our customers new perspectives in every market and on every scale. Whether you work for a family business, SME, public organization or international company... with our personal approach, expertise and skills you can make an impact on every client. We ensure we provide you with the right support and training to develop the right skills and tools in order to become a well-rounded, skilled and exceptional professional. We have various in-house training programs such as; starters academy, personal coaching and talent development. Additionally we also provide on-the-job training. We ensure our employees are supported in every way to ensure they achieve their full potential.

Possibilities for you
The start of your career at BDO can be done in different ways and depends entirely on your personal requirements and preferences.

During a working student position you will work with our control teams 2 to 3 days a week. You will be deployed as a Junior Assistant Accountant with associated tasks and responsibilities. An ideal casual employment option if you want to kickstart your career.

During a thesis internship you will have the opportunity to write your thesis under the supervision of our experienced accountants at BDO. In addition, there is the possibility, as far as your planning allows, to cooperate with a number of control teams. This is the opportunity to gain work experience during your graduation period and to get acquainted with accountancy and working at BDO.

Have you (almost) completed your bachelor's or master's degree and do you want to continue your study to become a Registered Accountant? Then BDO offers you great opportunities to obtain your RA title parttime
in addition to your work as an Assistant Accountant. In addition to working 4 days a week, you attend lectures every Friday at a university of your choice. In addition, our Starters Academy teaches you all the tricks of the trade and will help you to develop on a personal level.

Check whether BDO is right for you!
As a student and starter you will be faced with a large number of choices and decisions. Would you rather work for large multinationals or for SMEs and family businesses? Do you want to get to the top quickly or do you prefer to set your own pace? Do you want guidance from a permanent coach or do you prefer to work independently? Play the game and check if BDO is right for you!

Do you want to read more about BDO? Check our Social Media: Instagram @werkenbijbdo, Facebook and LinkedIn. Or read the stories of our employees:

If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact the Campus Recruiter Valerie Vaessen in your region or sign up for one of our events!

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